Common Causes of Wall Cracking in Adelaide

Small wall cracks are a normal part of Adelaide home ownership, often as a result of settlement or the seasonal shrinking and swelling of the soil. Underpinning Adelaide homes is an essential part of wall crack repair, especially when the wall cracks indicate a structural issue.

Most cracking in home walls is cosmetic and easy to fix with a bit of putty and paint. However, larger cracks can indicate a more serious underlying issue you should address.

Plumbing Issues or Defects

The most common causes of walls cracking result from plumbing issues or defects. We regularly fix buildings where the water supply has leaked, sewer is broken or leaking, or stormwater pipes are in poor condition or leaking.

Uneven Soil Movement

The most common cause of wall cracking is the movement of the foundation. All buildings move a little bit, and these stresses get taken into account during planning and building. However, when soil movement is extreme enough, it can exert pressure and cause structural damage.

Seasonal Swelling and Shrinking

Most clay soils tend to absorb water, which increases the volume of the soil. Adelaide has some of the most reactive soil in Australia, which means that the effects of water saturation and subsequent drying out are more severe than anywhere else in the country.

Modern building methods take into account seasonal soil movement using control joints and steel reinforced concrete slabs. Excessive wetting and drying of clay soil can still result is slab subsiding and walls cracking.

Movement Caused by Tree Roots

Plants, especially trees, can cause foundation and soil movement in two different ways. Firstly, roots that grow under the footing will put upward pressure on it. Secondly, roots absorb moisture from the soil, which leads to uneven soil conditions on the site. The severity of soil movement that will result from excessive drying from tree roots will vary depending on the soil type and reactivity..

Addressing the Causes of Wall Cracks

Wall cracks may be cosmetic or the warning sign of a deeper problem. When you call professionals like Urathane Solutions to assess the problem, we’ll examine the walls and foundations for potential crack causes.

We’ll also conduct a thorough investigation, including getting construction data, determining the soil type on the site, and recording crack locations to determine the underlying cause. Once we’ve identified the issue, we’ll offer you solutions tailored to your situation. If necessary, we’ll recommend our patented chemical underpinning solution to stabilise your foundation and stop your walls from cracking again.

If you suspect your wall cracks are more significant than cosmetic damage, don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule a consultation today!

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