Our Story

We have undertaken projects in every mainland state and territory for clients including Federal, State and Local Governments, national construction companies, builders, insurance companies and over 1,100 private homeowners.

Our journey began more than 40 years ago when our founder, Mark Kuchel started a building business. An early adopter of technology and innately curious, he felt certain there was a better way of addressing the problems created by reactive soils. At the time there was only one method of dealing with buildings damaged by earth subsidence and undermined foundations, so he explored different methods and pioneered new solutions.

The result was a patented, non-invasive keyhole system to enable geo-customised urethane to be pumped deep into earth to not only replace eroded substructures but mimic soil behaviour and elevate entire buildings to permanently address a wide range of geotechnical issues.

In fact, the system can lift an unprecedented
50 tonnes per square metre.

Such extraordinary performance capabilities added to our long-established building remediation expertise including waterproofing and concrete repair, soon saw the business expand from residential structural repairs to largescale commercial and industrial applications.

Our Values


You don’t last 40+ years in any business if you’re not the real deal. We prioritize delivering on our promises and maintaining open, transparent communication with our customers, stakeholder, staff, and suppliers. This commitment to integrity, instilled by our Director Mark Kuchel, remains the bedrock upon which we build and grow our business.


We’ve encountered challenges of all kinds, but we’ve consistently found solutions. Whether it’s the ongoing review and modifications to our existing structure and procedures, embracing cutting edge technologies or pioneering new ones, we are committed to discovering the right solutions and uphold the highest standards across all that we do.


Our customers have placed their trust in us with their biggest assets – from substantial multimillion dollar industrial projects and critical infrastructure to residential family homes. We proudly accept the responsibility that comes with delivering lasting, dependable solutions without exception.