Tailored services to meet your needs

With a dedicated team of professionals, Urathane Solutions provides sound advice and repair solutions for a range of structural and foundation problems.

Whether you are a large-scale warehouse or factory with major structural integrity concerns, or a residential home with minor cracking and uneven surfaces—these problems can cause significant damage over time if left unresolved.

Cracked Walls

Cracked Walls can be signs of more significant underlying concerns. We can inspect your home and establish what is causing them, how severe they are and what solutions are best—not all cracking is bad but it’s crucial to know the difference.

Sinking Floors

Sinking Floors demonstrate major issues with the foundation of your property and is typically the result of unexpected environmental conditions like dry weather, flooding and or underground vibrations. Repairing sinking floors involves raising and re-levelling, and should only be performed by absolute professionals.

Soil Stabilisation

Soil Stabilisation is reflected in uneven concrete flooring, fractured floor tiles and cracks in walls around doors and windows. Weak ground occurs if the earth beneath your property is unstable or loose. The most effective non-invasive solution for this is to inject structural resins into the ground which mix with hardeners to expand the soil and make it more compact.

Repair without mess

Urathane Solutions uses some of the most advanced repair solutions and technologies available, not only ensuring the damage to your property is fixed professionally but with the cleanest, safest and most non-invasive approaches on the market.

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