Re-establishing the structural integrity of your home through a patented, non-invasive resin injection technology to re-level floors, driveways and patios, and reverse wall, floor, and ceiling cracking.

With more than 40 years’ experience and repairing more than 1,100 homes, trust us to get it done right the first time.


Rather than the traditional one-size-fits all method of underpinning, we provide tailored and permanent solutions.

So, instead of bringing in expensive and highly disruptive excavators and jackhammers, we use our patented keyhole delivery system to reach problems buried deep under your home.

Because soil types, geographic formations, locations, weather conditions and house types vary, we created a range of custom-made, geo-chemical resins to suit every situation.

Fixed fast with a minimum of fuss and mess.


Reinforcing & Stabilising

Re-establishing the structural integrity of foundations, soils and substate of undermined homes.


Repairing and stabilising uneven and unlevel surfaces including driveways, patios, and floors.

Void Filling

Filling subterranean spaces underneath homes created from soil subsidence, soil degradation, and water erosion.


Removal of corroded and water damaged materials, and the application of waterproofing agents covering all surfaces including floors, walls, retaining walls and subterranean rooms such as cellars.


Once the major structural repairs have taken place, our trusted suppliers, TradeCo can provide a full range of professional services, including repairing of damaged interior and exterior walls, floors, and ceilings to apply all the finishing touches and return your home to its original condition.

With more than 45 years’ experience, the fully licensed TradeCo team will have your home looking as good as new in no time.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

With more than 40 year’s building experience and developing our patented non-invasive keyhole system, we are absolutely confident you will be 100% satisfied with the work we undertake for you.

In fact, we’ll give you a 10-year guarantee and return to your home to make good any repairs at no cost in the rare event they are needed.

Case Studies

Bringing a home back to earth that was literally floating in mid-air
One block of units with a multitude of problems



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