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Over 40 years of experience

Urathane Solutions is a family run business with over 40 years of residential and commercial construction experience. Specialising in ground engineering and asset preservation, we use the latest underpinning technologies and methods to re-stabilise and improve the foundation and structural integrity of residential and commercial properties and infrastructure.

Residential & Commercial specialists

Repairs to your home made easy:

For your home

Is your property suffering from cracking walls, sinking footings and foundations or instability due to soil movement? This can do lasting damage to your home or business and cost you thousands if left unresolved.

Using our patented geo-chemical keyhole technology, Urathane Solutions can fix major structural problems with minimal interrupts to your home, work or lifestyle.

Common residential problems:

  • Cracking walls, jammed doors and windows
  • Re-align sunken slabs, footings and floors
  • Footing and foundation subsidence
  • Water leaks from mains water, storm water and sewer pipes

Stress free solutions for your business:

Common commercial problems:

  • Uneven and unlevel commercial and industrial warehouse floors
  • Uneven and unlevel factory floors
  • Fixing uneven road surfaces and hazardous bridge approaches
  • Industrial warehouses with uneven flooring
  • Void filling and soft stabilisation
  • Void filling of decommissioned assets such as culverts, manholes and pipes
  • Undermined road surfaces
  • Uneven and subsiding bridge approaches
  • Concrete hardstands and industrial tanks
  • Unstable and undermined railway tracks

Sectors We Service:

  • Residential
  • Commercial offices & warehousing
  • Industrial factories & plants
  • Road & Rail
  • Mining & Energy

We guarantee results

I was very happy with the results, it was definitely up to the standard that I was hoping for when I contacted your company.
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