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The Team

We are a qualified group of building and construction professionals. Urathane Solutions are the recipients of a Master Builders Association Building Excellence Award.

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Our team has decades of hands on experience fixing structural problems, including lifting, re-levelling and re-supporting homes, factories, warehouses, commercial buildings and many other kinds of ground structures.


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Urathane Solutions Pty Ltd
South Australia, Victoria and
New South Wales

Welcome to Urathane Solutions


Fast and cost effective technology

Stabilise and support sunken foundations

Lift slabs and solve subsidence problems with Urethane

Is your property suffering from cracking walls, shifting or sinking foundation or instability due to soil movement?

This can do lasting damage to your home or structure, slashing thousands from the value and threatening your safety.

Urathane Solutions visits properties around Australia, fixing problems with minimal interruption to your work or lifestyle.

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Using non-invasive, patented geo-polyurethane resin injection technology, our experienced team will:

  • Realign sunken slabs
  • Lift and realign concrete slabs and floors
  • Reverse house cracking
  • Lift and realign foundation, footings floors and walls
  • Stabilise soil
  • Raise bridge approaches
  • Repair pavements
  • Realign railway tracks
  • Fix roads
  • Repair airport landing surfaces
  • Close wall cracks
  • Lift home footings
  • Slab jacking
  • Resin inject
  • Fill voids
  • Waterproof cellars, basements, basement carparks and tunnels

Underpinning in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and surrounds

We have two offices – one in Adelaide and one in Melbourne. We also service Sydney and surrounds. We also specialise in tight access sites and can work with:

  • Private home owners
  • Building Contractors
  • Commercial property owners
  • Strata and property managers
  • Councils
  • Construction companies
  • Mining companies
  • Civil construction companies

Underpinning Services You Can Rely On

Our wide range of underpinning and home repair services are suitable for any residential or commercial property throughout South Australia and Victoria.

Our Urethane solution is specifically designed for water reactive and clay soils, which will reverse the damage caused to buildings and structures. All of our material expands slowly which prevents the risk of high exothermic temperatures, spontaneous combustion or any other problem facing your home.

Call us today for a free, no obligation underpinning or foundation repair quote – you won’t be disappointed!

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