Providing non-invasive geo-chemical foundation, structural, and waterproofing solutions to repair and protect buildings and infrastructure assets throughout Australia.

Geo-Customised Solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Because soil types, geographic formations, locations, weather conditions and building structures vary, we have created a range of adaptable, geo-chemical solutions to suit every circumstance and delivered via our patented keyhole delivery system.

The composition of the geo-chemicals is tailored to soil and substrate structure, soil reactivity, and takes into consideration the weather patterns, ground water movement
and load requirements of a specific location.



Repairing and stabilising uneven and unlevel surfaces including bridge approaches, roads, warehouses, commercial floorspaces and factory floors.

Void filling

Filling of decommissioned buried assets like culverts, pipelines, and manholes in addition to large subterranean spaces created from soil subsidence, soil degradation,
and water erosion.

Reinforcing & Stabilising

Re-establishing the structural integrity of foundations, soils and substate of undermined industrial buildings, roads, railway tracks, bridge approaches, concrete hardstands and industrial tanks of any size and volume.

Concrete Repair

The effective removal of damaged or degraded concrete with structural integrity re-established through the application of carbon fibre reinforcing and epoxy crack injection.


We remove any damaged material and inject specifically formulated resins to provide a permanent moisture barrier.


Removal of corroded, water damaged and nonviable materials, and the application of waterproofing agents covering all surfaces including tank interiors, floors, walls, roofs, retaining walls, carparks and subterranean rooms and vaults.

Case Studies

Preventing a World-First Becoming a World-Last
Fixing a Leaning Wall in a class of its own
Keeping a Power Plant Online and Above Water
Stabilising a $30 Million Residential Development
Plugging a 9.5 Million Litre Leak
Waterproofing An Entire 13-Storey CBD Building


Our Industrial Assets Manager is available via or by calling 1300 924 420.