How Do You Know if Your House Needs Underpinning?

Subsidence is a common cause of structural damage in homes. Subsidence can be due to several factors but is most often due to foundations shifting in Adelaide’s highly reactive soil. Often, underpinning Adelaide homes is the only way to repair issues with foundations that may need extra care.

However, since underpinning is often a large and tricky project, it’s best to only use it when necessary. So how exactly can you tell when your home needs underpinning?

Cracking in the Walls

Most homes have at least a few small cracks in the walls, which may not be concerning by themselves. Newly built houses tend to accumulate small cracks while they settle, and new plastering can result in tiny cracks.

However, if these cracks are noticeable and substantial, they can be the first indicator that your home needs underpinning. Cracks around doors and window frames are of particular concern since they suggest that the frames have pulled away from the surrounding walls.

If you’re not sure whether a crack is a sign of something bigger, call in an expert from Urathane Solutions. They’ll be able to evaluate the crack and determine if a structural issue in your building necessitates underpinning or if the cracks are cosmetic.

Sinking Footing

Uneven floors or waves in your floors may suggest that your foundation footings are sinking. You may also notice cracks in floors, especially external concrete floors, like in the garage. Step cracking in brickwork and diagonal cracking in plaster is a great indication of sinking or subsiding foundation or footings.

Doors and Windows Not Closing Correctly

Expertly fitted doors and windows have very narrow margins of failure. Any change to the alignment of the frame can result in doors and windows sticking or not opening or closing fully. If you’ve never had an issue but now struggle to open or close your windows, you may have subsidence that may require underpinning.

If only one door or window sticks, you may feel that it’s not a big enough issue to address. However, the sooner you catch subsidence and remedy it, the better. Subsidence can cause significant structural damage to every part of your home, from floors to ceiling. Addressing the problem sooner can save you a lot of trouble in the future.


If you’ve noticed cracks in your walls, brickwork, or flooring, chances are your foundations may be compromised. Foundational issues and subsidence can cause extreme harm to your home and need expert repair as soon as possible.

Underpinning is a specialised technique, and it’s not a good idea to leave it to any old builder. Different methods are suitable for different situations, so it’s vital to have someone with the experience to do the best job possible.

That’s where Urathane Solutions comes in. We specialise in underpinning, and our team has decades of experience. If you’ve noticed any signs of subsidence in your home, give us a call to schedule a consultation today!

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