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Underpinning Adelaide

 Underpinning Adelaide Services

Are you located in South Australia? We service the entire state with our chemical underpinning services.

Urathane Solutions underpinning Adelaide specialists use unique, Patented keyhole solution which allows us to displace unwanted, water reactive soil with a lightweight, high load capacity material, without the need for digging or earth moving equipment.

We create solid foundations to stabilise your structure or surface from the ground up, often coming in to repair sloppy work that is half done, failed or didn’t work by other would-be competitors and companies.

River Torrens and parklands with Adelaide city skyline in the background
Urathane Solutions underpinning Adelaide and Melbourne

Don’t use traditional underpinning when it can be costly, messy and cause disruption.

Chemical Underpinning is the preferred choice as we use non-invasive, patented geo-polyurethane resin injection technology.


“I recently used Urathane Solutions for two jobs at home. They got the nod over there opposition because Mark took the time to explain what happens with reactive soil and water over time during the initial phone call. During the quote, he explained how their process works and answered all questions I had. On the day they were very professional and took their time to ensure we got a good result and cleaned up all their mess which most builders don’t I will have no hesitation calling them again if I need this sort of work done.”

Neil, Gawler East


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Your System Different from the Competitors? (concrete etc.)

Most contractors will offer concrete underpinning as the best option for fixing foundations and building subsidence. Concrete does not address the soil’s reactivity, which in some cases can make it ineffective.

We use a chemically engineered slow set resin instead of concrete. This patented solution mimics the natural behaviour of reactive soils, which means that it’s ideal for Adelaide homes. We can also control every aspect of the resin so we can tailor it to your particular site and soil type.

Do You Have a Guarantee?

Yes. We offer a 10 year guarantee that if your house moves or sinks any further, we’ll come back and inject again. If we don’t provide you with a measurable result, we won’t charge you a cent.

Is Your Solution Invasive?

We use a specialised keyhole injection technique that is significantly less invasive than traditional underpinning. We can accurately target and deliver our resin compound to the necessary depth without the need for excavation.

Since we can accurately target our mixture, we don’t have to excavate or do any intense, invasive procedures. Not only does this make the process significantly faster, but it also makes it more affordable and more reliable.

What is Resin Injection Underpinning?

Underpinning is the gold standard for repairing foundations. The traditional method involves digging below the foundation footings and reinforcing the footings with concrete and steel.

Resin injection underpinning Adelaide buildings is highly effective and our patented method for treating reactive clay soils modernises this concept by injecting beneath the footings of the building. The chemically engineered structural resin fills cracks and voids, and once set has the strength and flexibility needed to support a building of any size.

Our patented technique and resin provide an exciting alternative to traditional underpinning, as it allows us to raise your foundation, re-level, and re-support the entire structure and stabilise the foundation soil for years to come. It’s the best way to deal with buildings that rest on highly reactive soils and keep your structure safe and sound.

Which of Adelaide’s Suburbs Do You Service?

Our office in Adelaide services the entirety of South Australia (SA).

Why is My Home’s Foundation Sinking?

sinking foundation is often the first sign of building subsidence, which is when a building sinks into the ground. Adelaide is notorious for having highly reactive soil, which expands and contracts when the moisture content of the soil changes. When this soil moves, it can cause your foundation to sink, leading to further structural issues. When foundation problems strike, you can trust Urathane Solutions to underpin Adelaide’s homes and business buildings.

Should I Be Worried About Cracks in my Walls? (are they structural?)

It depends. Cracks are an inevitable fact of life in Adelaide, and most tend to be cosmetic and superficial. However, larger cracks are often the first sign of major problems like sinking foundations. The experts at Urathane Solutions can determine the severity of your wall cracks and will evaluate the structural integrity of your home. If they’re minor cosmetic issues, we’ll even show you how to patch them up seamlessly.

Will You Need to Remove My Floors?

No. We can do the entire underpinning process from outside using our patented injection method. The structure of your home remains intact throughout the procedure. In most cases you can even stay at home or keep working while our underpinning Adelaide service is in progress.

Do You Need to Dig Holes in My House or Garden?

Our method is minimally disruptive since we don’t have to dig holes to reach your foundation’s footings. While we may cause a bit of damage to your garden, we don’t have to dig or drill any large holes. We also clean up after every project to ensure we leave things as we found them.