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Are you located in South Australia? We service the entire state with our chemical underpinning services.

Urathane Solutions underpinning Adelaide specialists use unique, Patented keyhole solution which allows us to displace unwanted, water reactive soil with a lightweight, high load capacity material, without the need for digging or earth moving equipment.

We create solid foundations to stabilise your structure or surface from the ground up, often coming in to repair sloppy work that is half done, failed or didn’t work by other would-be competitors and companies.

Don’t use traditional underpinning when it can be costly, messy and cause disruption.

Chemical Underpinning is the preferred choice as we use non-invasive, patented geo-polyurethane resin injection technology.

“I recently used Urathane Solutions for two jobs at home. They got the nod over there opposition because Mark took the time to explain what happens with reactive soil and water over time during the initial phone call. During the quote, he explained how their process works and answered all questions I had. On the day they were very professional and took their time to ensure we got a good result and cleaned up all their mess which most builders don’t I will have no hesitation calling them again if I need this sort of work done.”

Neil, Gawler East

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Your System Different from the Competitors? (concrete etc.)
Do You Have a Guarantee?
Is Your Solution Invasive?
What is Resin Injection Underpinning?
Which of Adelaide’s Suburbs Do You Service?
Why is My Home’s Foundation Sinking?
Should I Be Worried About Cracks in my Walls? (are they structural?)
Will You Need to Remove My Floors?
Do You Need to Dig Holes in My House or Garden?
What is the difference between concrete underpinning and resin underpinning in terms of construction techniques and materials?
How can I determine if I require SA underpinning?
Issues related to water leaks in the foundation, subsidence caused by reactive soils, mature trees in proximity to the house, or poorly compacted soil?
What are the factors that contribute to foundation problems in Adelaide?
Important things to consider when selecting between resin injection underpinning methods and traditional concrete underpins

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