Why use expanding resin injection for your underpinning?

If the foundations of your building are sinking or cracking, it can be a serious problem with the potential to cause major damage while racking up a costly repair bill the longer it is left.

Seeking out a solution, you may understandably be drawn to traditional concrete underpinning methods. But the reality is, this just won’t work in a lot of scenarios, particularly where there are water reactive or clay soils. Even many commonly used chemical underpinning methods offered by other companies are just not designed to resolve the issue in such situations.

Urathane Solutions understands this and, using decades of experience in the building industry, has developed a revolutionary patented system that delivers injections of expanding resin to your building. This way, the job is done right the first time and in a cost effective manner.

The resin mix is injected beneath the footings of the building and expands with a chemical reaction to fill any cracks or voids. The resin effectively seeks out any weakness in the ground itself, compacting it and guaranteeing the necessary strength is there to hold up the building.

This method raises your foundation efficiently, providing the stability you can count on, re-levelling and re-supporting the entire structure.

Using a traditional underpinning method can also be quite time consuming and disruptive. You may also need to move out for long periods of time while the work is completed, leaving yourself financially exposed, in addition to the inconvenience of it all. With the Urathane Solutions method, however, the process is relatively rapid, meaning there is limited disturbance for the occupants.

If you want the work done properly and completed quickly, then look no further than Urathane Solutions, a building and construction company with 40 years of experience and operations in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. As an industry leader, the company has been recognised with a Master Builders Association Building Excellence Award.

Whether you have a structural issue with a house, a factory, a warehouse, a commercial property or any other type of building, Urathane Solutions can help solve your problem. So act now and call today for a free no obligation quote.

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