How we fix

A patented keyhole solution

Sinking floors, uneven surfaces and cracking are all warning signs that there are serious structural issues impacting a building or property.

Known as subsidence, sinking floors and cracks appearing in walls demonstrate that the foundations are shrinking, shifting or losing strength. Causes can vary but will likely include:

  • Extreme weather conditions, such as long dry spells or periods of high rain resulting in soil to either contract or excess water softening the ground
  • Earth movement and vibration from high traffic or heavy machinery
  • Fill foundations that have been poorly compacted

Out with the old and in with the new

Of course, traditional methods to fix damaged foundations like underpinning, piling or lifting often involve major structural impact to the property, as well as significant disruption to the home or business operation.

However, Urathane Solutions uses a highly sophisticated and patented keyhole technique, enabling us to displace unstable and reactive soil with a lightweight, high-load capacity material without the need for earth moving equipment. This means we can carryout vital repairs without damaging or removing parts of your property, gardens or flooring.

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