Fix Cracked Walls with Foundation Repairs

Cracked Wall Repair

Cracks in walls are generally a bad sign for the health of your property.

Ignoring these cracked walls leads to a far bigger and more expensive problem. The delay can lead to additional structural issues so it is best to seek a professionals opinion.

Signs Your Walls Are Cracking and Need Repairs

Some wall cracks are harmless, but that doesn’t mean that they should all be ignored. An expert can tell when cracks indicate more serious problems such as sinking or damaged foundations.

Serious cracks are usually found around windows, doorways, and corners.

 Warning Signs Include:

  • wall cracks in an arch
  • doors and windows not closing properly in their frames
  • any crack that is wider than 5mm

Small hairline type of crack may be caused by heat expansion, which an expert can let you know how to patch and repaint the area.

Find an expert if you’re not sure about whether any of your cracks are serious or if larger cracks are beginning to form.

The Causes of Cracking Walls?

Foundations of the building shrinking and losing strength is the most common cause of large cracks in the walls. This may cause the part of the building or the whole thing will begin to sink. This happens when the moisture levels in the soil become unbalanced.

Other causes for cracked walls include:

  • Shrinking clay
  • Extreme weather; droughts or floods
  • Issues caused by earth movement
  • Fill that has been poorly compacted

How to Fix Cracked Walls

Underpinning is a very effective way of fixing sinking foundations to make them stronger. The cracks will close or become smaller during the process as it lifts and re levels the building.

Underpinning involves:

  • Excavating parts of the foundation
  • Filling in with concrete which then sets
  • Raising up the building onto the new concrete foundations

Although, there are non-invasive techniques which can cause less disruption than underpinning to your home.

Wherever soil can become unbalanced or shrink, we have a patented urethane solution.

Don’t Delay – You Need to Act Now To Repair Your Cracked Walls

Time is of the essence when you find a crack in the wall. Some Cracks indicate a serious structural issue which can become very expensive to fix if left alone.

Identifying the warning signs early on could help you avoid a long expensive process.

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