What Are the First Signs of Subsidence in Melbourne?

Subsidence is when the soil beneath a building caves inward. As the soil sinks, so will the foundation of the building on top of it, compromising the property’s structural integrity. If your building is suffering from subsidence, let Urathane Solutions stop the damage and save your property with our patented underpinning Melbourne services.

Subsidence may be due to:

  • Collapsed drains, or culverts beneath a building.
  • Increased soil moisture loss or decomposing material, which affects the ground’s density.
  • Poorly compacting the ground before erecting a structure on it.

Signs of Subsidence

The most obvious subsidence symptom is your building sinking, either on one side or all sides. By the time this happens, your property may have already suffered extensive foundational damage. Identifying and fixing the problem early minimises the damaging effects to your building. Below are some early warning signs that may indicate subsidence is happening under your house or business:

Large Cracks

Buildings develop small cracks over time, and it is usually not a reason for concern. If you notice large fissures on your floors, walls, cornice, or ceiling, subsidence may be occurring.

Sinking buildings are under immense strain, and the pressure leads to cracks, especially around weak structural points like window and door frames. The cracks are typically vertical or diagonal and occur internally and externally in the same area.

If such cracks appear suddenly, particularly during prolonged dry weather, contact us to evaluate your property and identify whether you need our services.

Sticking Doors and Windows

As a building sinks on one side, the entire structure becomes uneven, which causes door and window frames to shift. Irregular frames make opening and closing doors and windows difficult, or in extreme cases, impossible. Let our experts inspect your property and verify whether it’s subsidence or something else affecting your frames.

Leaning Walls

Leaning or off-level walls occur as a building’s foundation becomes uneven. It also affects the foundation and ceiling, making the entire building unsafe. If left unchecked, the affected walls and other essential structures may one day collapse.

Sloping Floors

Pronounced floor sloping in a single direction could mean a part of your building is sinking. Are you uncertain about your building’s levelness? Place a ball in the centre of a room to see if it rolls away from you. If it does, subsidence may be happening under your structure.

Widening Gaps Between Walls and Floors

A sinking foundation pulls floors away from the base of the interior walls. If the subsidence worsens, the gaps will widen, leading to a less stable floor support system, endangering everyone and everything within your building.

Get Dependable Help for Building Subsidence in Melbourne

As soon as you notice any of the above signs, contact Urathane Solutions for building subsidence repair. Our patented chemical underpinning Melbourne service seals the soil and prevents structures from sinking. We offer fast and affordable solutions that raise, stabilise, and support sunken foundations and footings beneath all building types.

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