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Patented geo-chemical technology

Our inhouse developed and patented geo-chemical technology allows us to non-invasively raise, repair and re-level a variety of surfaces and foundations without needing to remove concrete, asphalt or flooring.

By using a highly sophisticated keyhole technique, Urathane Solutions is able to displace problematic water reactive soil with a lightweight, high-load capacity material without the need for earth moving equipment. This means we can carryout vital repairs without damaging or removing parts of your property, gardens or flooring.

Our patented urethane solution is a method for treating soil for use wherever reactive soil’s heave and shrinkage are a problem. The technology we use cleverly reverse mimics these soils’ predictable natural behaviour to provide raised level foundation, footings, walls and concrete slab surfaces that are lasting and stable.

We will only recommend the best solution for your problem.

Our team has decades of hands-on experience fixing structural problems, including lifting, re-levelling and re-supporting homes, factories, warehouses, commercial buildings and many other kinds of ground structures.

In addition to our already extensive expertise in traditional underpinning, re-blocks, piers and piles, we have researched, developed and patented a modern geochemical keyhole ground engineering solution for water reactive and clay soils.

  • We guarantee a measurable result or there is no charge
  • Urathane Solutions’ quotes are a fixed price
  • Urathane Solutions’ geo-polyurethane resin injection materials are cleverly chemically engineered in Australia to Australian and New Zealand Standards

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Soil stabilisation
Void filling
Retrofit Waterproofing

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We use a patented 
keyhole solution

Sinking floors, uneven surfaces and cracking are all warning signs that there are serious structural issues impacting a building or property.

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