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 Traditional Underpinning – How Does it Work?

Traditional underpinning in the form of concrete blocks, piers or piles is engineered to transfer the load of a building down to a stable level or soil horizon.

At Urathane Solutions, we know from over 40 years of hands-on experience that these traditional underpinning methods don’t solve the problem associated with water reactive and clay foundation soils. They’re a bit like putting a band-aid on a broken arm.

The Chemical Underpinning used by our competitors is not designed or engineered for water reactive clay soil or ground. Companies who use ‘deep injection rely on “an expanding substance as a consequence of a chemical reaction producing (57 psi equal to 40 tons per m²) compaction of the soil”.

Australian Standards (AS2870-1996 Appendix 3B) recommend against traditional underpinning methods as a solution for water reactive and clay soils. Some engineers may specify a traditional underpinning solution but they probably won’t give any guarantee of results.

Traditional concrete underpinning is not the answer. Contact us to find out more about environmentally safe geochemical urethane soil stabilisation and volume refurbishment.



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Concrete Underpinning and Chemical Underpinning vs Urathane Solution’s Soil Stabilisation – what’s the difference?

Water reactive or clay soils expand with massive force as their moisture content increases and then shrinks as they begin to dry. This causes damage to overlying structures, moving them up and down.

The fallout from this problem is that doors stick, walls crack, corners rotate out, concrete surfaces become uneven and veranda columns peel away from buildings.

In some cases, glass windows and shower screens will shatter from the pressure caused by a shifting structure.


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