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Earthquake Damage Assessments & Repairs

Earthquake Damage Assessments & Repairs

Update: Following the Melbourne Earthquake on September 22, 2021 we’ve had calls from across Melbourne and Victoria. If you’ve noticed cracks or movement in your Melbourne building or property, please contact us for an assessment and quote. Call: 1300 924 420, or use the form below.

Our patent and the work we do is a perfect solution for earthquake remediation. Earthquakes and aftershocks can result in significant ground movement and challenge the structural integrity of buildings. The damage can reach various degrees of severity and works may be required to sure-up the stability of your home or other building.

If you’ve noticed any structural movement, ground movement, new cracks or opening cracks in your house or building following an earthquake we suggest giving us a call so we can come to assess the structural integrity and advise of any remedial works required.

We specialise in solving problems resulting from ground movement including sinking or shifting foundations or floors and wall cracking. Our solution is significantly less invasive than traditional underpinning methods as we use key-hole technology that minimises the need for digging.

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